Join EOS Lithuania

EOS Lithuania in cooperation with Crypto Economy Organisation is collecting a team #startfresh #blockchain #newheroes #eos #vilnius

The blockchain is very hyped up, fast-changing, yet somehow restricted place. We invite you to join, proof your worth and get your new, interesting career started together with seasoned thinkers and doers.

You are interested to get more information how Blockchain works in real life? Would like to test your skills and get a new one?

Today we need people helping to promote our ideas through PR, digital and community activities.

Our team already consist of nine professionals from different spheres who are united by Blockchain technology and Crypto Economy who can guide you to new ideas, new people, new exciting projects. It’s a rare chance to get introduced to this worldwide phenomena in its infancy.

We are located in Vilnius and happily inviting you to join us!

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